About Us

CatsLib was Founded in Jule 2023 by a small group of enthusiasts to help pet owners.

CatsLib is a comprehensive website that offers detailed information about cat breeds, including their characteristics, history, and care requirements. It also provides valuable insights into common diseases that affect cats and offers guidance on prevention and treatment.

Additionally, CatsLib offers a list of common foods, flowers and plants that are considered dangerous for cats, helping pet owners make informed decisions about their feline companion's diet.

For those looking to manage their cat's calorie intake, CatsLib provides a convenient calorie calculator to determine the appropriate portion size for their pet's dietary needs.

Furthermore, CatsLib features a large database of names for new pets, assisting pet owners in finding the perfect name for their beloved cat.

With its comprehensive resources and tools, CatsLib aims to provide valuable information and support for cat owners and enthusiasts.